Criminal DWI Defense in New Orleans

If you are facing charges for driving while intoxicated in New Orleans, you should be aware that a DWI is a criminal offense in Orleans Parish. A conviction could result in jail time, community service, or home monitoring. You could lose your driver’s license through an administrative suspension before you even face criminal charges in court.

Drunk driving consequences often go beyond a sentence from the court. DUI penalties can put a strain of your family due to a license suspension and a hike in insurance premiums. You can lose your job or professional license. If you are a college student, you may have to face the college disciplinary board and you may lose scholarships or grant money.

A DUI is no laughing matter in Orleans Parish. That’s why you need the best criminal attorney to protect your rights and fight to get your DUI charges reduced or dismissed. Call our office at 985-643-0316 for a free initial consultation with a criminal DWI lawyer.

The cost of a DWI in New Orleans

For even a first offense DWI charge, penalties include:

  • Hefty fines: ranging from $300 to $1000
  • Jail time: 24 hours up to six months
  • Suspension of your driver’s license: up to two years
  • Mandatory community service: 40 hours or more
  • License reinstatement fees which are substantial
  • Criminal record in state and federal databases

Because DWI is a crime that may be an enhanced offense, the punishments for driving while intoxicated increase with every additional offense. You may be required to submit to an Ignition Interlock device on your car – and pay for it yourself. You may be sent to a substance abuse program, driver improvement program, and a MADD victim impact program at your own expense.

If you cannot afford to be found guilty of DWI, you need the powerful legal help of an expert New Orleans DUI lawyer. Contact us today at 985-643-0316 for a free case review.

New Orleans criminal defense attorneys

Robert McMillin, New Orleans DWI Lawyer

If you can’t afford the consequences of a DWI conviction, you need an experienced lawyer who will fight relentlessly for you.

Robert D. McMillin is a member of the National College for DWI Defense Attorneys and a formidable criminal defense attorney serving serving Orleans Parish and the Greater New Orleans area.

Defending DWI cases requires a combination of legal and scientific expertise and experience that few criminal attorneys possess. If you are facing DUI charges in Orleans Parish or anywhere else in Louisiana, we will analyze your case and aggressively defend you!

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With offices located in the Greater New Orleans metropolitan area, we serve the Northshore and Southshore of Lake Pontchartrain, including the Parishes (same as county) of Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Charles, St. John, and St. Bernard. We get many clients coming here for various athletic events held in New Orleans, Mardi Gras, the French Quarter, and the many festivals held in this area.

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New Orleans DWI Resources

Judicial District: 41

Parish: Orleans Parish

Parish Seat: New Orleans

Orleans Parish Criminal District Court
2700 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119

New Orleans First City Court
421 Loyola Avenue., Room 201
New Orleans, LA 70112

New Orleans Second City Court
225 Morgan Street
New Orleans, LA 70114

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