DWI Defense in Ascension Parish

Louisiana DWI laws are stringent, and the punishments, if you are convicted, are harsh. If you are facing a possible DWI conviction, Bates and McMillin can help.

You should be aware that there are serious, negative consequences of getting a DWI conviction in Louisiana. To protect your name, reputation, freedom, and livelihood, you must fight against a conviction.

James Bates, Ascension Parish DWI Lawyer

James Bates is an experienced, highly trained DWI attorney who has a long history of helping his DWI clients retain their drivers’ licenses, avoiding the shame of public community service, and avoiding jail time.

  • James Bates has 47 years of trial experience. He has devoted the last 17 years almost exclusively to defending drug and alcohol DWI cases in every parish of Louisiana. Additionally, he has had more training in the administration of field sobriety tests than the majority of police officers receive. And he has built up the largest defense of drug and alcohol related DWI legal practice in the state.

He has:

  • trained as an instructor in administering field sobriety tests
  • completed the overview course in Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE)
  • completed the advanced course in Gas Chromatography in the operation of the Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer

This is the same blood testing machine used by the Louisiana State Crime Lab to determine if the driver charged with DWI has drugs or alcohol in his system.

In short, James Bates is probably better trained and more knowledgeable than the police officer who made the arrest. This is the attorney you want fighting for you in Gonzales for DWI in Ascension Parish.

“Dear Mr. Bates, I appreciate you and especially your secretary’s help through this situation. I was arrested for a DWI and I called you for help in assisting me with this matter and you met with me and re-assured me that all would be okay. Your team did the necessary work to prove my innocence and for that I am grateful. And again thank you so much for Miss Terri. I think I could drive her insane with my phone calls. Thank you.”


DWI Resources for Ascension Parish

Judicial District: 23

Parish: Ascension

Parish Seat: Donaldsonville

23rd Judicial District Court

Ascension Parish Court – Gonzales
828 S Irma Ave., Bldg 2
Gonzales, LA 70737

Ascension Parish Court – Donaldsonville
300 Houmas Street
Donaldsonvile, LA 70436

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