When You Absolutely Cannot Afford to be Found Guilty of DWI

Have you been arrested for DWI? Could this be a second or third DWI arrest? If so, you may be facing the loss of your license to do your work, such as a CDL, pilot’s, or nursing license. Or maybe your security clearance will be revoked if you are convicted. If that happens, how will you earn a living? How will you support your family and pay your bills?

If you are at risk of losing your livelihood or serving long-term incarceration, you cannot afford to be found guilty of DWI. You need an experienced attorney who will fight those DWI charges and protect your freedom. Don’t waste any time – the offices of Bates and McMillin are waiting for your call. Get a free case evaluation today: 985-643-0316.

Attorneys James Bates and Robert McMillin know DWI law better than the police officer who arrested you. You may believe that your case is hopeless, but even for extremely difficult cases in which there is hard evidence against you, a skilled attorney will be able to minimize or eliminate the DWI penalties of fines, jail, community service, and probation. Even better, you can maximize your chances of either winning outright at trial, or getting the District Attorney to drop the DWI charge.

You can accomplish this by preparing the case for trial with a no holds barred approach. Be aware that this does cost more money than most people expect, but the expense is all about hiring the toughest experts in the field and significantly more attorney hours spent working on your case.

Who Are the Expert Witnesses in a DUI Case?

The three most common witnesses who can testify in your defense in a DWI case are experts in these fields:

Unfortunately, the very best experts are not located in Louisiana, and so must be flown in. A significant number of cases could be won if the client were willing to pay the costs of expert witnesses for DUI defense.

A competent attorney relying only on his own training may achieve success with many DWI cases. But the results could be much improved on the vast majority of cases if an expert witness or two could be added to the defense budget.

Why Are Expert Witnesses So Important?

The blood analysis performed by the Louisiana Crime Lab is recognized by most Louisiana attorneys as the “gold standard” in testing. However, these tests are often executed so poorly that the results are questionable. Dubious or incorrect blood test results may move the judge to throw the case out and excuse the defendant. When test results are faulty, you may be able to walk free out of the courtroom that day.

DUI Defense Lawyers: James Bates and Robert McMillin

There are only two lawyers in the State of Louisiana with experience and training in Gas Chromatography, with the same machines used in the Louisiana Crime Lab. James Bates is one of those two lawyers.

That training allows him to find problems in the analysis protocol and procedures, and it helps immensely if he has an expert witness to testify to the inadequacies of the crime lab procedures used in testing. The state’s forensic scientist is certainly not going to admit that his testing is faulty.

The district attorney does not have the skill, resources or experience to counter such witnesses. When a district attorney suspects that he or she will lose a case against you, especially if the case is particularly time-consuming, he or she will in many cases make a plea offer designed to appeal to the defendant, rather than taking a chance on losing the case at trial.

Your Freedom is Worth the Expense

It does cost more to hire the very best attorney and expert witnesses to defend your DWI prosecution. But when your alternative is the suspension of your driver’s license, incarceration, heavy fines and possibly losing your livelihood, the cost of your defense is absolutely affordable. Don’t waste another minute wondering what will happen to you.

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