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Louisiana police officers have been aggressive about making arrests for driving under the influence. The bad news is that this can sometimes result in the arrest of responsible social drinkers just because there is the presence of alcohol. These arrests can trail after responsible citizens for years and may result in incarceration.

Even if you were arrested you are not necessarily guilty. You may not deserve the harsh punishments the state of Louisiana has established for people convicted of DWI.

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James Bates, criminal defense attorney for Bossier City specializing in DWI defense

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James L. Bates Jr. is your best choice of defense attorneys. His credentials, knowledge and passion for justice make for an expert defense that gets the results you need.

Let’s face it: even in a worst case scenario when there is lots of evidence against you, James Bates knows how to work the justice system to your benefit. He’s an expert in drug and alcohol testing methods. This knowledge has enabled him to find, time and time again, wrong or dubious crime lab test results for hundreds of clients. And you might be the next client he can help.

Louisiana DWI laws spell out tough consequences

If you’re convicted of DWI in or around Bossier Parish, the punishments are harsh. The consequences for your second, third or even fourth offense can get even more painful. You may have to:

  • Install an ignition interlock device on your car
  • Wear an ankle monitoring device
  • Attend a substance abuse program
  • Spend many years in jail

Protect yourself, your family and your job with the best help you can get in Louisiana – an aggressive criminal defense attorney with many years of experience defending people just like you who have been arrested for DWI. Bates and McMillin have the largest DWI practice in Louisiana because of their experience and training. They handle DWIs for drugs and alcohol in every parish no matter what.

DWI Resources for Bossier Parish

Judicial District: 26

Parish: Bossier Parish

Parish Seat: Benton

26th Judicial District Court

Bossier Parish Courthouse
204 Burt Boulevard
Benton, LA 71006

Judges Office: 318-965-2217

Clerk of Court: 318-965-2336

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If you’ve been recently charged with a DWI, reach out today for a free, private consultation. We’re waiting to hear your side of the story and discuss how we can help you fight for your rights. If you retain our counsel, don’t worry about location. James Bates is a licensed pilot and can fly his own plane to any courthouse in the state.

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