DUI Charges dismissed based on improper blood alcohol content testing

Don’t be a victim of an improper blood alcohol test!

Toxicology labs across the country are being struck by scandal as investigations reveal that improper scientific methods are frequently used. The labs coming under fire include those performing DUI testing to determine an individual’s blood alcohol content.  In numerous instances crime lab personnel simply falsify results for testing which never took place.  These fraudulent and improper tests raise the possibility that hundreds of thousands of people have been wrongfully convicted of DWI based on improper or fraudulent lab results.  Crime labs which have been closed, restructured, or terminated personnel as a result of investigations into improper or fraudulent testing include:   Colorado, Massachusetts, Illinois, Montana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.  City and county crime labs include: Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, San Francisco, New York City, Nashville, Tucson, and others.

You need a knowledgeable and competent defense attorney to determine if scientifically improper and even fraudulent blood alcohol test results are present.  See below for one of the many instances in which an aggressive defense attorney has uncovered improper blood alcohol test results and had DUI charges dismissed.

DUI Charges dropped; TBI investigates toxicology mistake