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Were you arrested for DWI in Monroe, Louisiana? Or somewhere else in Ouachita Parish like Richwood, Sterlington, or West Monroe?

DWI Penalties in Monroe

In Ouachita Parish and the entire Monroe-Ruston area, the punishments for DWI arrests can be harsh.

An immediate punishment for DWI is the loss of your driving privileges if your license is suspended for DWI. You may even be stripped of your driver’s license. Without a license, how will you get to work or take your kids to school?

You have 15 days to contest the license suspension, or your driver’s license could be suspended for up to 4 years. Call us at 504-259-7461 for help filling out the necessary paperwork.

Then there are the more serious sentences for a DWI conviction.

A DWI conviction in Monroe could mean:

  • Jail time (minimum time spent in jail depends on prior DWI convictions)
  • Court-ordered community service
  • Home incarceration
  • Fees and fines up to $1000 for a 1st-time DWI; more for subsequent DWIs

If the personal and professional costs of DUI are more than you can afford, you need an attorney who knows how to fight DWI in Ouachita Parish and nearby parishes like Morehouse Parish, Lincoln Parish, Jackson Parish, and Richland Parish.

Bates and McMillin criminal law office is here to help.

James Bates, Ouachita Parish DWI Lawyer

You Need a DWI/DUI Defense Lawyer

If you are facing charges for driving while intoxicated and a possible conviction for DWI in Louisiana, you need expert help.

Whether it’s your 1st time DWI or your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or higher DWI offense, an experienced criminal defense lawyer is your best chance to get your license back, avoid jail time and get on with your life.

Since 1969, James Bates has been fighting for the rights of those arrested for DWI in Louisiana. His expertise and training in complex DWI cases make him an in-demand defense attorney for DUI trials all over the state of Louisiana. His fees are the same for each parish, and there are never any costs to you for travel. In fact, Bates is a licensed pilot who frequently flies himself to courthouses all over the state.

Monroe DWI Resources

Monroe Louisiana - Ouachita ParishJudicial District: 4

Parish: Ouachita

Parish Seat: Monroe

4th Judicial District Court
300 St. John Street
Monroe, LA 70201

Judges Office: 318-361-2250

Clerk of Court: 318-327-1444

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