DUI Defense in Iberia Parish

When you – or someone you love – are arrested in New Iberia or anywhere in Iberia Parish for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it’s critically important to get help fast. If you hesitate, you might miss the chance to file for an administrative hearing. Without that hearing, you could lose your driver’s license for up to four years.

Trying to deal with the financial and legal requirements and consequences of a DUI arrest on your own is impossible if you are not a trained attorney. The offices of Bates and McMillin handle drug and alcohol related DUI cases in every parish, and are the largest DUI practice in Louisiana.

and get a completely confidential, no-cost consultation of your case.

Fight DWI charges with the help of of an experienced Iberia Parish criminal defense attorney

James Bates, Iberia Parish DWI Lawyer

James Bates has extensive training in leading-edge courtroom strategy as well as being a trained instructor in the field sobriety testing used by the police. That means he is on the alert for any errors that the officer may have made when your field sobriety tests were administered. Those errors, if any, are what may make the difference between walking free out of the courtroom and possible jail time.

Additionally, James Bates has been trained in the operation of the gas chromatograph. Hence, he probably has a superior grasp of that information than the person who evaluated your case at the crime lab.

The attorneys at Bates and McMillin will not judge you, no matter your situation. Some clients have simply made one-time errors in judgment, and some have drinking or drug problems. Whether you fall into the first or second category, James Bates is ready to help defend your case aggressively and get you the best possible result.

With offices close to New Orleans and nearby to Iberia Parish, Bates and McMillin are the attorneys to call to protect your driver’s license and defend you in court. Fees are the same no matter what parish you live in, and there is no charge for travel expenses.

Understanding Your Options After a DUI Arrest 

Pleading guilty is often the most harmful option when charged with a DUI in Louisiana. Instead, your attorney can:

You won’t know your legal options until you speak with a experienced criminal defense lawyer. Louisiana doesn’t allow expungements, so you need to present the best defense against a possible conviction. We’re waiting to listen to your story and evaluate how we can best help you. Reach out and call now: 504-259-7461.

DWI Resources for Iberia Parish

Judicial District: 16

Parish: Iberia

Parish Seat: New Iberia

16th Judicial District Court

Iberia Parish Courthouse
300 S. Iberia Street
New Iberia, LA 70560

New Iberia City Court
457 E. Main Street
New Iberia, LA 70560