“I was arrested for a felony DWI 3rd offense. My Bond was set at $175,000.00. Mr. McMillin filed a motion for bond reduction, and I bonded out of jail on a $25,000.00 bond! He also got the felony charges against me reduced to a misdemeanor charge and he filed a motion to suppress my 2nd […]

“Dear Mr. Bates, I appreciate you and especially your secretary’s help through this situation. I was arrested for a DWI and I called you for help in assisting me with this matter and you met with me and re-assured me that all would be okay. Your team did the necessary work to prove my innocence […]

“I am a licensed nurse planning to enroll in a registered nursing bridge program. I received a ticket for a DWI and sought out the legal assistance of Mr. Bates to handle my case. Despite the fact that I was not eligible for the diversion program, Mr. Bates was able to meet with the DA […]